The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

A Staffing Service Can Locate The Best Receptionist Candidate

by Eddie Phillips

Every employee lends support to a company. To label any job as unimportant comes off as an insult to the hardworking people who put in the 40 or more hours per week toiling at the position's tasks. Receptionists, in particular, don't always receive the credit they deserve. A reception often creates the first impression of the company. He or she represents the first contact via phone or in person. To hire a top receptionist, working with a staffing service makes sense. They can help their client companies:

Hire a Competent Receptionist 

A problem employers deal with when hiring receptionists is they have to hire them one after the other. That is, the job comes with a high turnover rate. Receptionist jobs don't usually come with top pay, so the new hires often quit when a better job offer comes along. Rotating other staff into a set number of receptionist duties is one way to address the situation, but not every staff member is cut out for receptionist tasks.

A staffing office can take the burden of hiring new receptionists off the company, as well as handle turnover rates by finding new receptionists when necessary. They can also narrow the pool of candidates and find the ones most suitable for their client, ensuring that each receptionist is competent and a good fit for the company they work for.

Find an Applicant With the Right Career Prospects

An applicant interested in an aerospace career might work at a soft drink company if he or she needs the money. This job seeker isn't a long-term prospect. A receptionist job, on the other hand, need not be a transitional one. Instead, it could serve as an entry-level stepping stone to a lengthy career at a company. If a company wants this kind of prospect, staffing agencies can look for an applicant who fits both the industry and the business and who will want to stay.

Examine Any Second Jobs

Reception work's lower pay scale isn't too much of an issue for someone with another job. Unfortunately, the second job can be an issue for the receptionist's employer. Does tending bar at night lead to a sleepy-eyed receptionist who isn't performing with energy? If the applicant works one or two nights on the weekend or has a part-time work at home job, this could be more acceptable. The staffing agency can review resumes for red flags. With qualified candidates, an agency rep can ask questions during the interview to determine if the second job will be problematic during the applicants' employment as a receptionist.

Ultimately, staffing offices can help reduce turnover and put someone with the most potential into this underappreciated position.


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The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

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