The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

5 Staffing Trends For Companies To Watch

by Eddie Phillips

The staffing services industry evolves as quickly as the organizations and workers it helps. For organizations, this means it's important to keep up with emerging trends. Your operation should be aware of these developments in the coming years.

Worker Shortages

Competition for workers is as strong as it has been in years, and the staffing world is no different. Staffing firms are increasingly a place where companies look for permanent and temp-to-full-time hires just to expand their pools of available prospects. If your company has encountered difficulties meeting employee numbers, you may want to work with a staffing services provider to see if you can fill the gap. Even if you have a capable HR department, it's critical to cast as wide of a net as possible in a world dogged by worker shortages.

Need for Specific Skills

Many industries need people trained in specific tasks. Offices need people who know particular spreadsheet and word processing suites. Stores need people who are familiar with modern inventory control processes. The days of plugging bodies into jobs are largely over, and it can be tough in a competitive environment to find folks who fill the skill requirements of positions. A staffing company can use its worker pools and software to identify lists of candidates that match your job needs.

Aging Workforce

The American workforce is getting older, and this has implications for staffing. An obvious upside is that the available workers now often have more experience and skills. Likewise, many retired workers are looking for short-term and part-time opportunities to extend their incomes. However, this does make competition for able-bodied workers harder as an aging workforce means that more candidates will either not meet physical requirements or will require certain accommodations under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Remote Work

More people are working remotely, and this has permeated the staffing services industry, too. The upside is that remote work opportunities allow employees and workers from geographically distant locations to connect, potentially enhancing the job pool. Many businesses can benefit from reduced wear and tear on equipment, and they also frequently can downsize or even eliminate some locations to save costs.

Automated Matching

Software now plays a greater role in automatically matching candidates to positions. The advent of machine learning tools also means that searches allow staffing agencies to find candidates whose skills are close matches even if they're not perfect. Consequently, companies can often expand their potential pools of workers while only having to do minimal training to fill these tiny skills gaps.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

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